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InnerCore Individual Coaching:

Packages available with weekly, bi-weekly, monthly sessions.

InnerCore Group Coaching:

Three or more clients in a group that meets bi-monthly for six months.

InnerCore 50+ Coaching:

Packages available with weekly, bi-weekly, monthly sessions.

What is InnerCore-Coaching?

InnerCore-Coaching can be defined as having a collision with your “Inner-Self.” Instead of running from yourself and trying to avoid the tough questions, you are forced to get still and ask –“Who Am I?” “What do I really want?” and “Why do I really want it?” In our first meeting together, we will find out what's really at your CORE.

By using the 3Core Questions of **Cabrini’s Law of FThatt, we will discover your who, what, and your why? You may find out the things you used to want are no longer serving you because the person you thought you were has really changed. Are you ready to discover who you are at your Core?? Are you ready to discover and admit your personal strengths and weaknesses that you didn’t know existed?

Listen to what Dr. Jacquline discovered after our first meeting over lunch….

Let’s take a look at your interior/internal thoughts before we start decorating your exterior with a business or a relationship.

My mission with InnerCore-Coaching is for you to RE-Think what's not working for you and to improve upon the things that are. If you don't know, we find that out also. This session is tailored just for you. I'm here to inspire you to remember what you already know but may have forgotten along the way. 

InnerCore-Coaching is not like any other coaching in the market place. There are no binders, papers, etc. It is you and only you! Are you WILLING to do the work? Are you ready to be Empowered?? If you’re at a crossroad and ready to get unstuck, then all you have to do is say yes!

 ***The only guarantee is if you do the work, you will get the results.*** Cabrini Schnyder, DNAE

If you are ready to strengthen your "Inner-CORE," contact me for more information and package prices! 

**Cabrini’s Law of F.U.C.K T.H.A.T.T. is an acronym which means:

Finally Understanding Common Knowledge, Things Happen All The Time both good and bad in life and in business so why not do what you want to do and stop doing what you don’t - because things are going to happen all the time anyway! This law is irrefutable!

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